Sustainability Is the Top Pet Food Trend in 2021

Sustainability Is the Top Pet Food Trend in 2021
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

More than ever before, pet owners are interested in buying nature-friendly and sustainable food. According to recent research, sustainability is the top trend in both human and pet food. 

Due to the pandemic, in 2020, people were more invested in health. So, the main trend was healthy, nutritious food and supplements — but now, the priorities have changed. 

In 2021, the general population, as well as pet owners, are more interested in saving the planet. However, 50% of the consumers have no idea what they’re actually looking for when shopping for sustainable food.

Sustainable food is natural food that has no harmful effect on the environment. Here are some requirements:

  • Locally grown food with no additional fertilizers or pesticides. You’ll find the labels “made in the US,” “organic,” or “completely natural” on them. 
  • Plant-based food. For most pets, eating only food based on plants is not possible. But whenever you can, you can add a product with less meat.
  • Eco-friendly fish. In most sustainable pet food products, you’ll find Salmon or Carp, which are not in danger of extinction. This is not the case with 3–25% of fish that are likely to disappear by 2100
  • Recyclable packaging, or packaging made of recycled plastic. A variety of quality food is available in cans, which can be recycled. Also, many new pet food producers use recycled-plastic packaging.

Since it can be too hard to look for all the labels, there’s also an initiative to create a label that would incorporate all of those details into one. 

Until then, it’s up to each brand to come up with ways to win a part of this growing market.

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