Top 10 Dog Friendly Companies in 2021

Top 10 Dog Friendly Companies in 2021
Photo by Pavel Herceg on Unsplash

During the lockdown, people have spent more time with their pets than ever before. Since separation anxiety can be difficult for both the owners and their pets, pet owners are interested in new types of workplaces that include their pets. 

Companies are aware of that and are either allowing the owners to work from home or with their pets in the office.  

Besides being dog friendly, some companies do much more for their employees who are dog owners. They create amenities, give discounts and time off to new pet owners, as well as offer monetary help for adoption or insurance. 

After all, 90% of owners consider pets a part of their family, and these companies do too.

Amazon is the top place, since it is the largest company that has been pet friendly since the beginning. They have over 7,000 dogs in their dog park, give discount insurance for pets, and offer free treats and poop bags for their workers with pets. 

There are many new companies among the top 10, trying to implement this working model and succeeding.

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Companies for 2021 are:

  1. Amazon (Seattle, WA)
  2. athenahealth, LLC (Watertown, MA)
  3. Trupanion (Seattle, WA)
  4. Kinship (New York, NY)
  5. PetDesk (San Diego, CA)
  6. Stride Health (San Francisco, CA)
  7. Petco (San Diego, CA)
  8. Purina (St. Louis, MO)
  9. SelfMade (New York, NY)
  10. SS&C Advent (San Francisco, CA)

Since pets have for a long time been known to improve the mental health of their owners, it’s no wonder that the experiment is succeeding. These companies see large benefits. Moreover, their employees are more interested in their job, the morale improves, and the general communication is a lot better. 

To conclude, they can serve as an example of the positive dog influence. 

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