Ukrainian Pet Food Company Launches a Pet Charity

Ukrainian Pet Food Company Launches a Pet Charity

As the Russia-Ukraine war is getting more violent and intense, one Ukrainian pet food company decided to help the ones not many talk about — the pets.

So, the Ukrainian pet food producer Kormotech opened a pet charity called Save Pets in Ukraine. Its goal is to collect resources for delivering pet food to shelters and other places in need of pet food. 

Kormotech is one of the largest pet food producers in Ukraine that was exporting goods all over Europe before the war started. For example, in 2021, Kormortech sold 66,000 tons of pet food. Unfortunately, the war has affected them too.

As there are many owners with no access to pet food and animal shelters that care for many pets, they have huge needs for pet food, and Kormotech is trying to provide them with enough resources.

Kormotech is still producing pet food in Lviv, where their factory, headquarters, and warehouse are located. However, the production is slow, and the logistics are an issue. Moreover, they might soon run out of resources, which is why they need international help. 

And since pet owners generally consider their pets to be family, this situation is extra hard for all those who have pets. So if you want to help, you can donate money to Kormotech’s charity.


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