Vetster Is the Top Online Health Company of 2022

Vetster Is the Top Online Health Company of 2021
Photo by Sarah Chai from Pexels

Vetster is the largest marketplace that offers complete veterinary services and pet care online. Despite the low initial expectations, Vetster has raised over $10.36 million from its beginning in November 2020 to May 2021. It has also exceeded the initial targets by 250%.

Although the company is relatively new, it has also received a pet innovation award for the overall best health company of the year 2021.

This is why all the money that was raised will be used for new innovations and expansions in the field of preventive and urgent vet services.

When COVID-19 started, 13% of pet owners worried about access to vet care. This situation is the primary reason for Vetster’s success. Nowadays, Vetster is a marketplace with thousands of the best veterinarians and veterinary technicians. 

For now, only pet owners from Canada and US can access their services, but Vetster has plans of expansion to other regions, such as the UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific (including Australia).

So, What is it that makes Vetster so popular?Here are the main features:

  • Easy to choose, book, and pay
  • Trustworthy
  • Available at any time
  • Not expensive
  • Can be accessed anywhere with their mobile app

It’s also a great income source for veterinarians. With Vetster, they can expand their practice or provide support for their patients that can’t come to their clinic.

However, it’s important to know that, even though it can be helpful, using Vetster doesn’t substitute regular annual check-ups at your vet clinic.

In the end, with their market domination, planned expansions, and inventions, they’re sure to last.

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