Will High Cost Slow Down Growth of Fresh Pet Food Sales?

Will High Cost Slow Down Growth of Fresh Pet Food Sales

Why don’t more people buy fresh food for their pets? Apparently, the main reason is the high price.

In a 2021 survey, 1,450 US pet owners answered questions about the food they choose for their dogs and why. The results showed that 81% of responders used dry pet food, and 50% opted for wet/canned food. On the other hand, only 17% chose fresh food, and 9% bought raw food.

Once they were asked what they would purchase for their pets if the cost and availability were not the issues, the answers were completely different.

In this case, only 36% would opt for kibble, and 21% for wet food. At the same time, 34% of survey respondents would choose to buy fresh, and 7% would still opt for raw. In the end, 44% of pet owners admitted that fresh food was too expensive for them. 

On the other hand, 16% of pet owners didn’t want to switch to fresh, 14% thought it was much harder to store than kibble, and 13% didn’t think it was as healthy as kibble or wet food.

This shows that buying dry pet food is mainly not based on preference, although there are many great dry food options for dogs and cats. It is mostly caused by the higher cost of fresh food and the low availability in stores.

So, although the demand is still much higher than the offer, the cost is the main thing stopping this pet food branch from flourishing. And it’s understandable — depending on the dog’s size, they can eat from ½ cup (toy dogs) to up to 9 cups a day (giant dogs).

Surprisingly, this was not the issue when choosing a pet food brand, where only 16% of responders said they chose a brand because of its price. Moreover, 22% would gladly switch to another brand or food type if their vet recommended it.

With all that in mind, many owners are worried about how the situation will develop, since, in 2022, food costs have increased significantly. With the shortage of pet food ingredients, problems with logistics, and high inflation, fresh pet food sales might suffer even more. 


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