November is the Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is the Adopt a Senior Pet Month
Photo by Jean Alves from Pexels

During the whole month of November, it’s time to celebrate senior pets and raise awareness of senior pet adoption. 

Shelters are full of animals waiting for adoption. In fact, 6 million animals end up in shelters across the US every year. 

Unfortunately, shelters can’t save all of them. For example, 625,000 animals were euthanized in shelters during 2019. Senior pets make the larger part of that group, since most people don’t even consider them when adopting.

When getting a new pet, most people only consider kittens and puppies. We do have to say that puppies have their charm, but older pets can also be a great addition to any home.

Senior pets are usually counted to be over 5 years old and can still have many happy years with you. There are many more reasons why adopting a senior pet is a great choice.

In the end, a senior pet is more likely to know they are loved and give more love back. So if you want to be loved and have a perfect pet, senior dogs and cats should not be overlooked.

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