People Are Adapting Housing Choices to Their Pet’s Needs

People Are Adapting Housing Choices to Their Pet’s Needs
Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

Pets are influencing their owners’ lives and choices more than ever. Researchers have found that pet owners are now increasingly considering their pets’ needs when buying or renting. 

Since 95.5% of dog owners consider their pets part of their family and want the best for them, this is not a surprise. Younger generations are also more likely to see their pets as their family and splurge on them.

Owners choose houses/apartments of adequate sizes for their pets, in neighborhoods with parks, and they decorate them to suit their pets’ needs. 

House buyers with pets are more likely to choose a larger house — more than 3,000 square feet — to accommodate their pets. They are also more likely to search for a house with a backyard.

Pet owners that are renting are also trying to adapt their housing choice to their pets, but it’s significantly harder. To find an apartment that accepts dogs larger than 20 lbs, with access to a fenced yard or close to the park, is extremely difficult.

Not every city is the same, though. It’s easier for owners in cities like New York, where 66.45% of properties accept pets, but it is more difficult in other cities. For example, in Fresno, California, there are only 4.88% of properties that accept pets, which makes looking for a home a nightmare for pet owners.

Besides landlords, there are other problems pet owners can have when renting. For some buildings and neighborhoods, there are limits to the sizes of pets, their neutering status, and many more limitations.

But, since 84.9 million families in the US own at least one pet, and the numbers are rising, the market is expected to adapt. Properties with all the amenities suitable for pets sell faster and for more money. The rent for the apartments can also be higher if they’re pet-friendly. 

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