Doggie DNA tests are a great way to learn more about your pet’s history, breed, and health. Wisdom Panel can give you all this information and much more! Take a look at our in-depth Wisdom Panel reviews to discover what makes this the world’s leading dog DNA test.

A Quick Look at Wisdom Panel DNA Tests

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Wisdom Panel Essential

Key Features

  • Tests for sensitivity to medication
  • Over 30 tests for traits
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Screens for more breeds

Wisdom Panel Premium

Key Features

  • Tests for the carrier status
  • 200+ genetic conditions
  • 180+ genetic predispositions
  • Tips on how to care for your pet

A Close Inspection of DNA Tests

In May 2020, Wisdom Health Genetics launched the new and improved dog DNA tests: the Wisdom Panel™ Essential test and the Wisdom Panel™ Premium test.

Before, the company had two different tests: the more basic Wisdom Panel 3.0 breed identification DNA test kit and the advanced Wisdom Panel 4.0. These products are no longer available on the official website, although they could still be found at some online retailers.

Those familiar with the older tests will find a lot of similar features in the updated versions. There are also some new testing options that will tell owners more about their dog’s ancestry and potential health risks.

Wisdom Panel Essential

star 9.8

Key Features

  • Screens for 25+ medical conditions
  • Tests for 350+ breeds, types, and varieties
  • Runs over 35+ physical traits tests
  • Tailored ideal weight recommendation
  • Traces ancestry back to great-grandparents

The more basic of the two, this Wisdom Panel Canine DNA test offers the following features:


The test creens for more than 25 medical conditions, including immune deficiencies, bleeding disorders, and much more. Like the Wisdom Panel 3.0 breed identification dog DNA test kit before it, the new Wisdom Panel™ Essential doesn’t test for EIC. This is one of the features offered in the Premium version. It does, however, screen for sensitivity to medication (i.e., MDR1 testing).

MDR1 is a life-saving screen showing whether your dog is likely to have an adverse reaction to certain drugs. This is essential when your canine is undergoing a medical procedure, even one as routine as dental cleaning or spaying/neutering.


Tests for more than 350 dog breeds, types, and varieties. With a database of over a million canines, this vast Wisdom Panel dog breeds library can identify the breed mix down to 1%. This way, you will know exactly which of the most popular breeds (and not so popular) contributed to your pup’s DNA.


Traces your doggie’s ancestry all the way to its great-grandparents. Wisdom Panel™ Essential compares your pet’s results to more than 17 potential family trees. This will help you find which breeds and ancestors are most likely to have made up your dog’s genetic background. The panel even tests for wolf or coyote background, i.e., wild canid ancestry.


Tests for more than 35 physical traits, helping owners understand more about the physical characteristics their furry friend has inherited. This Wisdom Panel breed identification dog DNA test will check for all the physical traits that make your dog unique. You’ll get all of the exciting details from head and muzzle shape to coat length and color.

The traits test also includes a customized recommendation for your puppy’s ideal weight based on the breed and testing for 7 genetic markers. This information will help pet owners plan their dog’s diet and provide customized care for their dog. It can even help them choose the best dog insurance company for their pet.


  • + Tests for sensitivity to medication
  • + Over 30 tests for traits
  • + Quick and accurate results
  • + Screens for more breeds


  • Some Wisdom Panel dog DNA reviews complain that the swabs are not too sturdy
  • Many customers question the accuracy

Wisdom Panel Premium

star 9.9

Key Features

  • Offers the same features as the Wisdom Panel™ Essential
  • The most comprehensive test from Wisdom Panel to date
  • Screens for 180+ genetic predispositions
  • Tests for EIC (Exercise-induced collapse)
  • Shows the carrier status

The costlier and more comprehensive Wisdom Panel dog DNA test covers much of the same features as the Essential one. These include determining ancestry back to three generations, testing for more than 35 traits, and screening for over 350 dog breeds, types, and varieties (dogs have a rich history, which is why they have developed into so many breeds).

The most significant difference between the Premium and the Essential Wisdom Panel DNA test lies in checking for hereditary health risks.

Health Risks:

The Premium test screens for over 210 health conditions, including tests for sensitivities to medication, adult-onset vision, mobility issues, and eating behaviors.

One of these tests includes EIC (Exercise-induced collapse). This genetic disorder can cause otherwise healthy dogs to suffer from muscle weakness and experience a nearly fatal collapse after physical exhaustion.

Results from this Wisdom Panel breeds and health test would provide you with tips on what to do if your dog (or its breed) is at risk for one of the inherited conditions. It could help you come up with the right questions for your vet. In short, it gives you the information you need in order to plan and manage your canine’s health condition.

Carrier Status:

This Wisdom Panel health test shows if a dog can pass down the genetic risk factors to its offspring. This makes it an indispensable tool for professional breeders who want healthy litters.

Wisdom Panel Premium is a bit on the costlier side. Still, it is the most comprehensive health DNA test from this company and one of the most extensive tests on the market right now. However, it gives you all the data you need to provide the best possible care for your dog.


  • + Tests for the carrier status
  • + 200+ genetic conditions
  • + 180+ genetic predispositions
  • + Tips on how to care for your pet


  • Complaints that trait markers aren’t very accurate


The Company in Detail

The accuracy of a genetic test depends first and foremost on the database the company uses. Put simply, the longer the company’s been in business, the more genetic profiles it has, and thus, the results it provides are more accurate and reliable.

Another critical factor is the science behind the test. This doesn’t just include the lab equipment but the expertise and experience of the staff. So, how does Wisdom Panel rank in these aspects?

Company Background

Wisdom Panel and Wisdom Health are part of the pet mega-company Mars Petcare. Owning some of the most popular pet food brands, such as PEDIGREE® and WHISKAS®. They also collaborate with major academic institutions, innovative research labs, and Banfield™ Pet Hospitals. Overall, Mars Petcare is an undisputed leader in the pet industry.

Company History

Wisdom Panel’s team of genetic scientists and veterinarians has been working for 15 years to develop the best dog DNA test globally.

This company first got into the doggie genetics business in 2007 when Wisdom Panel™ MX was launched into the US veterinary channel. This was a simple blood test that only determined a dog’s recent breed ancestry. Of course, back then, it was considered a revolutionary move.

In 2013, the Wisdom Panel 2.0 DNA test kit was launched in the consumer channel, followed by the introduction of Wisdom Panel 2.5 and 3.0 two years later. These enhanced tests were the first to include MDR1 testing (the screening patent is licensed by Washington State University).

In 2016, the company launched its most comprehensive test to date, the Mars Wisdom Panel 4.0. It included EIC and additional physical traits testing. Wisdom Panel has never stopped upgrading its services throughout its history, continuously offering more extensive tests and comprehensive results.

From the first DIY cheek-swab kit, through the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Professional and the present-day Essential and Premium tests, this company’s genetic tests are only getting better.

How Does it Work: Technology and Sample Collection

Wisdom Panel dog DNA partners with Genoscoper™ Laboratories, one of the world’s best research and diagnostic companies.

In their labs, the dog’s DNA is sequenced at 100,000 locations across the genome. Data is then interpreted in an easy-to-read report, providing pup owners with actionable results. In other words, it prompts them to create a customized pet care plan for their four-legged friend.

Backed by a company as massive as Mars Petcare and boasting state-of-the-art equipment, patented testing technology, and a team of professional geneticists and experts — our Wisdom Panel DNA review has no doubts regarding the technical side of things.

Luckily, the genetics part is left to the experts. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Use the cotton swabs in the kit and swab the inside of your dog’s cheeks for 15 seconds.

Wisdom Pane Review - Take Swab SampleRepackage the samples.

2. Activate your kit. Go to Activate My Kit on the Wisdom Panel official site and type in the sample ID (found on the left edge of your kit’s box).

Wisdom Panel Review - Activate Your Kit

3. Ship the sample pack to Wisdom Panel (postage is prepaid).

4. You will receive a notification that the lab has received your samples. Wisdom Panel even offers an option to track your sample.

5. Wait for results, and you’ll be able to view the Wisdom Panel results in your pet’s report in a private account.

Wisdom Panel results are sent directly to the user’s email. They are only available in the electronic form to ensure maximum privacy and security protection.

Customer Support

The sample collection procedure is pretty straightforward, but Wisdom Panel is available to help if you have any questions. Email them at [email protected] or contact them by phone at 888-597-3883. There is also a helpful FAQ page that will answer all your questions.

Shipping and Delivery

According to Wisdom Panel reviews by clients (the owners, not the dogs), the estimated delivery time for the DNA kit is around 2-3 days. Shipping is free on all orders in the US, while postage is prepaid on all kits, so there are no extra charges to you other than the cost of the actual test kit.

How long does it take to analyze the sample?

Test results are ready in 2 weeks. According to the company, there is no delay in delivery time or sample processing by Wisdom Panel due to the coronavirus.

Return Policy

To receive a refund, you must cancel the order before it’s fulfilled. Note that orders are sent to the warehouse as soon as they are made, so cancellations must be made relatively quickly. If you purchase a dog DNA test by Wisdom Panel but find that you don’t need or want to use it, simply return the unopened kit back to the company. You will be issued a full refund.

Reviews and Testimonials

The new and enhanced Wisdom Panel DNA tests haven’t been on the market long enough to amass many user reviews. So, to find out what clients are saying about the company, we dug through some Wisdom Panel 3.0 reviews.

Judging by these user accounts and testimonials, pet owners are more than satisfied with the services provided by Wisdom Panel, especially the quick turnaround time (faster than other tests).

More importantly, the company has addressed the negative remarks about having to order a separate test for breed and health. Currently, the Wisdom Panel™ Essential and Premium incorporate both these features (and more) in one complete test.

Discount and Savings

Wisdom Panel tests are not the cheapest on the market. However, even if they were, there is no reason why customers should not take advantage of any available discounts.

One of the biggest deals is the Wisdom Panel coupon that can get you $20 or $30 off when you purchase Wisdom Panel™ Essential or Premium, respectively. In addition, you can also get 10% off through Wisdom Panel’s subscription program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Wisdom Panel test accurate?

According to some older reviews, Wisdom Panel tests are estimated to be more than 90% accurate. Nevertheless, the company doesn’t wish to make any claims regarding accuracy. This factor mostly depends on the quality of the sample taken.

To ensure accuracy, Wisdom Panel focuses on:

  • Testing genetic markers — the company uses more than 1,800 markers for testing today.
  • Testing database — the algorithm compares your dog’s DNA to other dogs’ DNA in the database. The more extensive the database, i.e., the more breeds, the more reliable the test will be.

Double tests — samples are processed and reviewed again by independent, USDA-accredited labs to provide as close to 100% accuracy as possible.

Can Wisdom Panel results be wrong?

There is a margin of error with any test, even more so when it comes to genetics, a complicated area of research. If you have any doubts about your results’ accuracy, contact the company, and they will go through the report with you.

What breeds does the 3.0 Wisdom Panel product test for?

The Wisdom Panel 3.0 and 4.0 covered more than 350 dog breeds, types, and varieties.  Just for comparison, the Wisdom Panel 2.0 covered “only” 200 breeds.

What’s the difference between 3.0 and 4.0?

Although both tests tested for the MDR1 mutation, the Wisdom Panel 4.0 also provided tests for other traits and EIC. Wisdom Panel 3.0 and the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 4.0 are no longer sold by the company. Wisdom Health Genetics (the company behind Wisdom Panel) upgraded its products in May 2020.

How long do Wisdom Panel results really take?

The results should be ready in 2 to 3 weeks. However, there is always a chance they might be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Does Wisdom Panel test for the pit bull breed?

Pit bulls may be one of the most misunderstood dogs on the planet, but they are also not an actual “breed.” For that reason, Wisdom Panel cannot define a dog as a pit bull. However, it can detect different quantities of purebred dogs such as American Staffordshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, Bullmastiff, Boxer, Bulldog (and others).

What does Wisdom Panel test for?

Wisdom Panel has two tests for dogs. The basic one covers ancestry, traits, and significant hereditary conditions. The more comprehensive, or Premium test, includes over 210 mutation tests in addition to the features found in the Essential. They have also released a feline test.

Bottom Line

Do you want to learn more about these fascinating animals just for fun? Or because you want to provide a nutrition, grooming, and health regime tailored to your unique doggie? Whatever the reason, our Wisdom Panel reviews show that the tests can give you the info you need and valuable insight into what makes your dog truly one of a kind.

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