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Is your pet your best friend? Are you willing to go above and beyond to make sure your companion animal is happy and content? Then you’ve come to the right site! 

At Petpedia.co, we understand why people love pets. They are cute and loveable. Well, this goes without saying. They offer companionship and comfort. They improve our health and wellbeing. They make us laugh. And for some of us in this modern day and age, they are a substitute for human contact. But, we are also aware that owning a pet isn’t all fun and games. It takes a lot of work to look after another living creature, especially one that can’t take care of itself. 

That’s why it is crucial that owners have a trusted go-to knowledge resource that provides them with all they need to know about pet care, from advice about your pet’s health to training tips and pointers on how to have a happy and playful friend.

Animals can have a hard life as not all pets get a chance at a happy and caring home. It is shocking how many cats and dogs are abandoned every day in shelters or simply left on the street to fend for themselves. We believe that raising awareness about such issues, as well as others that affect domestic animals worldwide, will help make a small dent in the number of mistreated pets everywhere. 

Our team is dedicated to giving you the best and latest information on all things pet-related. We appreciate how much owners want to keep up-to-date with all the new developments on the pet market, so we strive to provide them with the most relevant facts and figures of the animal kingdom. 

We also know that choosing to get a pet, as well as for settling on the right one for you, can be a very tough decision to make. Let us help you make the right call by giving all the info on pets you could or ever would want to know!

Meet Our Team!


An avid lover of both animals and books, Aleksandar found his niche in writing articles about pets. Writing for Petpedia allows him to follow both of these passions, to provide quality educational content about our furry friends, all based on valid and current research.
Boriana is a lifelong pet lover with many years of experience working with a variety of domestic and exotic animals. Petpedia became her outlet to share her love for animals and what she has learned over the years. When she’s not writing she’s diving to new depths to explore marine life, playing fetch with her buds Zara and Roxy, or volunteering at pounds, rescue centers, and sanctuaries. Boriana is always ready to share her knowledge and experience, and will gladly lend a helping hand to any pet owner or animal in need.
I’m a board-certified family physician, co-founder and project manager of MedAlertHelp.org. I also serve as a medical advisor for the wonderful authors at Petpedia. We work together on providing you with the latest and most accurate health information.
Hermina is a linguist, passionate content writer, and fitness enthusiast. Even though she enjoys writing about all kinds of topics, anything health, fashion or pet-related is right up her alley. After attaining her Master's degree in English philology, her love for writing and the desire to pass on information to curious minds is what inspires her to continue on this path.
Ljubica Cvetkovska is a writer and researcher who enjoys spending most of her time between the pages of her favorite books, or immersed in her writing. With a background in English literature, she prides herself on delivering content which is well-researched and backed up by relevant data. She's an avid animal lover and she hopes that her knack for writing will teach people about the importance of taking care of animals. When she's not working, she is known to binge-watch a TV show or two or hit the gym, which doesn’t happen that often.
Sanela has always found pleasure in studying linguistics and the way language formed modern-day human interaction. As she pays great attention to details, she's especially fond of written language, a powerful tool that lets her shape her thoughts into words as precisely as possible.