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Pets are more than just friends, they are family. Here at, we know how much pets mean to owners and we strive to bring you nothing but the absolute best for your furry friends. However, to do that we need your support. Rather than bothering you with ads, we opted for affiliate links as compensation for the time, effort, and hard work we put into providing you with top-notch information about your animal companions. 

Why Should You Contribute?

Finding the best deals and brands for your beloved four-legged friends is a full-time job. Even though we consider it a pleasure and a privilege to help you take better care of your pets, we can’t do it without your support and cooperation.  

How Can You Contribute?

Let’s explain a little about how affiliate marketing works. Every time you shop for a product from one of our partners through an affiliate link on our site, we earn a small commission. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Likewise, we have other retail partners. This helps us cover the cost and keep our site up and running.

The entire process is incredibly simple and there are no additional costs to you. Using affiliate links doesn’t increase the price of the item you buy. Quite the opposite, you can even save with a coupon or a special deal through our site that you might not find anywhere else!

Should You Trust Us?

Just because we are affiliated with certain vendors doesn’t mean that we compromise on our integrity or try to provide you with anything other than our honest opinions on the brands we review and recommend. We love pets as much as you do and we would never knowingly endorse a product we do not fully approve of. 

What’s more, to ensure that our reviews remain completely objective and unbiased, we keep our reviewers in the dark about the affiliate agreements we might have with certain companies. 

Do you have any security concerns about shopping through affiliated links? Not to worry, buying from our website is perfectly safe as none of your payment or personal information is disclosed to us. 

The Bottom Line 

The only way we could keep bringing you the latest updates in the world of pets and pet products is with your help and support. If you are planning on buying something for your precious fur-ball, just click on the link on our website and become a contributor. It doesn’t cost you anything and it certainly won’t affect the way you shop—it’s just a way of saying “thank you” to us for helping you stay informed and getting you some of the best deals on pet products. We would be truly grateful and return the favor by providing you with even better deals, savings, and more insightful information.