Are Nylabones Safe? – Everything You Need To Know About These Chew Toys

If you’re like most dog owners, you probably give your pup a nylabone from time to time. They’re a great way to entertain your dog and help them pass the time. But are nylabones safe? In this comprehensive guide, we will look at whether these dog toys are really harmless and thus answer all your questions!

What Are Nylabones Made Of?

Nylabones were first introduced in 1955 as the perfect solution for pups who are aggressive chewers – these chewy bones last much longer than ordinary toys, and they keep your pet from biting and destroying your furniture. 

They are also amazing for reducing separation anxiety in puppies! Owners can lead busy lives, so it’s essential that they find something that can soothe their pets’ pain and worry. The toys can be found in different shapes and sizes and even coated with different flavors!

As the name suggests, nylabones are made out of nylon plastic –  a thermoplastic polymer that can be turned into fabric, toothbrushes, car parts, and plastic film for food. It is definitely far from digestible, and consuming it can easily lead to severe illness or death, which is why we suggest always keeping an eye for any cuts and cracks on the bone

Nylabone Durability Levels 

Not only can you choose the product size, shape, and flavor, but you can also pick the right chew strength for your dog!

  • Teething Puppy Chew – These bones are most adequate for puppies who have delicate but sharp teeth. Dogs eventually get a hold of their chewing strength, but till then they are prone to accidents that can damage their teeth. Luckily, this lovely toy prevents that from happening!
  • Moderate Flexi Chew – Senior pups can chew on this flexible material without damaging their teeth. This line is not recommended for dogs who are more aggressive chewers.
  • Tough Strong Chew – Most dogs will fall into the average chewer category, and this is the perfect toy for them! It’s made of a strong and durable material that can be tough for small pups and seniors, but it won’t be enough for heavy-duty chewers.
  • Power Chew – This sturdy nylon is resilient to aggressive chewers with strong jaws. However, it is too strong for any other dog category. 

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Are Nylabones Good For Dogs?

Nylabones are one of the best dog toys on the market, and it’s been so for decades! Let’s take a look at a few reasons as to why these bones have become so popular among dog owners:

  • Keeps your furniture and shoes safe from chewing 
  • Soothe separation anxiety and stress
  • Affordable pricing
  • Long-lasting toys
  • Flavor coating
  • Removes plaque and tartar from dog teeth  

To summarize, these toys are a great way to entertain your dog and help them pass the time. Chewing on a nylabone can also help relieve boredom, anxiety, and stress, and on top of that – they promote dental health!

Are Nylabones Safe?

To give you a quick answer – yes! Nylabones are safe to play with. However, they are not usually edible. And pups are known to be a bit feracious at times, so there’s always the danger of them tearing the toy apart and trying to eat it. 

Since they are made of plastic, it’s really important that you keep track of the nylabone’s condition. Immediately replace the chew toy if you notice any signs of cracks or splinters or if the dog has bitten off a chunk of it. Furthermore, don’t forget to contact a vet as soon as possible if you think that your dog has ingested part of the plastic. 

If you’re still worried about this type of toy, you can always try and find an edible version, such as the Nylabone Healthy Edibles line!

Nylabone Safety Tips

To ensure your pet is safe, we assembled some tips you can follow to ensure no accidents happen.

  • Do regular checks – Ensure your dog’s toy isn’t worn down. Check for any irregularities in its condition and quality and quickly replace it if there’s some kind of issue.
  • Supervise – Avoid leaving your pet alone with a nylabone. This way you can prevent mouth injuries, plastic ingestion, or choking.
  • Don’t leave the toy out in the sun – High heat can melt plastic, which releases dangerous toxic chemicals. Always store nylabones in a proper cool place where your pet won’t be able to reach them. 

So are Nylabones safe for dogs? It really depends on your approach and how you take care of them. Following these simple steps will surely keep your dog far away from injuries and ill health.


When to throw away Nylabone?

Replace your pup’s nylabone if you notice any cracks or splinters on it. Also, ensure it doesn’t wear off so much that it becomes a choking hazard for your pup.

How are Nylabones flavored?

There are plenty of options to choose from regarding Nylabone flavor coatings! Even the pickiest dogs will find something they like in over 40 flavored chews, including chicken, vanilla milkshake, peanut butter, fresh breath, and sausage with pancakes.

Why are Nylabones bad for dogs?

Nylabones are safe to play with, as much as any other plastic dog toy. However, if improperly stored and cared for, they can cause mouth injuries, illness, or even death.

Bottom Line

Are Nylabones safe for pups? While they can be an excellent method to keep your dog occupied and help them pass the time, you need to check them on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear not to put your pet in danger. 

This article has been edited and verified by our own veterinarian Dr.Stevce Ilievski. 

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