Can Dogs Eat Potato Skins? Keep Your Eyes Peeled For The Answer!

Is there any dog owner that could ever resist those cute puppy dog eyes while you’re eating? We’ve all been there, and it’s hard to say no when they give us that look.

Seeing as potatoes are a staple in our diets, it’s only natural that the question ‘Can dogs eat potato skins?’ would come up. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as we would like it to be.

Are Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Generally speaking, potatoes are on the list of human foods dogs can eat as they don’t pose a threat to their health. They’re rich in carbs, vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and vitamin C, that can have a positive impact on your dog’s health.

However, do any potatoes work? Can dogs have cooked potatoes? What about raw or boiled ones? Both baked and boiled potatoes work, but make sure they’re cooked all the way through. You don’t want to give your pet any undercooked potatoes, as this can lead to issues with their digestive system. As far as raw potatoes are concerned, they should be avoided at all costs, as they’re quite dangerous.

Why Can’t Dogs Have Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed potatoes are usually off-limits for dogs since they often contain milk, butter, cheese and other ingredients that can be hard for pups to digest. Since many dogs are lactose-intolerant, these dairy products can cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting.

If you want to give your dog some mashed potatoes, make sure they’re unseasoned and without any added ingredients, including oil or salt

Can Dogs Eat Potato Skins?

But when it comes to the question of ‘Can dogs eat potato peelings?, the answer is a little more complicated. You see, these crunchy snacks can be hard for dogs to digest since they contain oxalates, which can bind to calcium in the body and cause kidney stones.

As such, you should give your pooch potato skins sparingly, if any at all. Make sure your pet enjoys them in moderation to avoid any health problems down the road.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Potato Skins?

While cooked potato skins are generally safe for dogs to eat if given in moderation, raw potato skins are a big no-no. This is because they contain solanine, a toxic compound that can cause gastrointestinal upset, muscle weakness and paralysis, and even death in extreme cases.

If your puppy is diabetic, feeding them, raw potato skins can also cause a sudden drop in blood sugar levels, so it’s best to avoid this altogether. Solanine can only be removed by cooking the potato, so make sure you do this before giving any to your furry friend.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato Skins?

Sweet potatoes are a little different from regular ones since they don’t contain solanine. This means that they’re safe for dogs to eat, peel, and all.

In fact, sweet potatoes are actually quite good for dogs. They’re packed with nutrients and antioxidants that can boost your pup’s immune system and fiber that can help with digestion.

Make sure you avoid larger chunks of sweet potato skin though, as these can be a choking hazard. You should give your dog smaller pieces that they can easily chew and digest.

Finishing Thoughts

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Can dogs eat potato skins?” it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to give them to your furry friend. While cooked ones are generally safe for dogs to eat, raw potato peels can be quite dangerous.

Sometimes, we all need some comfort food to help us get by. And while we might not be able to share our chips or French fries with our four-legged friends, at least we can rest assured knowing that potatoes aren’t bad for them. So the next time your pup begs for a bite of your spud, give them a little taste.

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