How Much Do Veterinarians Make and Other Interesting Facts

Have you ever thought about how much money a vet can make in the United States? Is that enough, and how much can technicians, interns, or assistants make? 

If you’re eager to find out, skim through these interesting facts and stats! It’s all there! 

How Much Do Veterinarians Make?

(, 2022)

The average veterinarian salary in the US is estimated at $100,333. However, this figure can vary from state to state, ranging between $59,200 and $151,893, depending on the years of experience, location, education, etc. 

Surprising Vet Salary Stats

With over 90% of owners considering their pets as a part of their families, it’s no wonder that vets make decent money caring for their loved ones. Following are some interesting stats regarding the average vet salary and other facts.

The average vet tech salary in the United States is $36,260 yearly.

(US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021)

Finding the vet technicians can sometimes be even more exhausting than finding the best vets online. Nonetheless, the licensed vet tech salary is $17.43 per hour or $36,260 per year.

With a job outlook of a 15% increase in demand by 2030, vet techs may expect an increase in the average salary.

The highest paying vet career is a specialized vet surgeon, with an average salary of $266,980.

(Indeed, 2021)

Vet surgeons are the rarest animal doctors and are usually certified by a board, like the American Board for Veterinary Specialists. Because of doing specific surgeries, the average vet surgeon’s salary is relatively high.

The other highest-paying vet jobs in the US (yearly average):

  1. Professor of Veterinary Medicine – $166,350
  2. Veterinary research scientists – $111,691
  3. Military specialized veterinarian – $103,090
  4. Small animal vet – $100,708

Vet assistants make $14.39 per hour for routine animal care activities.

(US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021,, 2022)

The average vet assistant salary for 2020 was $29,930, and in 2022, they saw a slight increase to $31,761. The demand for vet assistants in the US is expected to increase by 14% by 2030. This fact can give them hope for even higher salaries. 

New Jersey offers the best veterinarian salary per state, equalling $128,340 per year.

(US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020)

With more than 1,300 veterinarians and a mean hourly wage of $61.75, New Jersey is the best place to be a vet! 

The states with the highest vet average salary per year:

  • Maryland – $128,120
  • District of Columbia – $127,310
  • Rhode Island -$126,630
  • Oregon – $122,840.

And the states with lowest vet average salary:

  • Oklahoma – $79,130
  • Montana – $81,940
  • Nebraska – $85,880
  • New Mexico – $86,569

The average hourly wage for a veterinary nurse is $25.

(, 2022, ZipRecruiter, 2022)

Across the states, the average hourly vet nurse salary ranges between $23 and $28, though some may earn as high as $30 per hour. 

Currently, the top five paying states per hour for nurses are Washington ($32.27), New York ($30.11), New Hampshire ($29.15), California ($28.73), and Vermont ($27.54).

In the US, the average veterinary radiologist’s salary is $136,983.

(ZipRecruiter, 2022)

According to the latest reports, California is the best place to be a vet radiologist. To illustrate, the average vet radiologist salaries in Sunnyvale, Santa Cruz, and Santa Rosa are $163,533, $162,022, and $158,370, respectively.

The national hourly average is estimated at $66 per hour. However, vet radiologists can make up to $78 hourly in California.


These vet salary stats are encouraging enough for anybody considering a veterinarian career. In addition, between 2014 and 2017, there was a 54% decrease in vets’ unemployment, which also points to the promising perspective of this career.

So, if you’ve ever wondered — how much do veterinarians make? — we hope we’ve given you the answer.


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