The Best Pet DNA Test Kits in 2024 (Reviews and Guide)

If you are looking for the best pet DNA test on the market, you’re in the right place. With our help, you will be able to choose the best kit that can do all of the great things that we will mention below.

Our Top Picks at a Glance

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Editor's Pick

  • Incredibly detailed and accurate information
  • Seamless use
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality packaging with included postage


Best for Felines

  • Specialized breed test
  • Free continental US shipping
  • Extensive health screening
  • Bonus ancestry test

Wisdom Panel

Most Affordable for Canines

  • The best DNA test kit in this price range
  • Near-perfect accuracy
  • Trusted company with millions of users
  • Easy-to-understand results


Most Comprehensive Test

  • Varied and complete analysis
  • Interactive report you can update
  • Helps no-kill shelters
  • Nutritional and life plan

Orivet DNA

Best DNA Health Screen

  • Comes with a Life Plan for your pet
  • Excellent customer support
  • Health risks by likelihood and severity
  • Tests for various animals


Biggest Test Variety

  • The widest product range
  • Great value for money
  • Premium horse DNA testing
  • Results via email

DNA My Dog

Most In-Depth Option

  • Great variety of innovative tests
  • Suitable for everyone’s budget
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Results come with a certificate that you can frame

Etalon Diagnostics

Best Trait Test for Horses

  • Simple and effective
  • Reasonable price points
  • Superb trait testing useful for breeders
  • Speedy delivery
  • Available across the globe

The Best Pet DNA Tests in Detail

Now that you’ve taken a glance at our top picks, we’ll start with the kit reviews for the best pet DNA test for 2022 and then move onto other animals, including bird DNA testing kits.


star 10

Editor's Pick

  • Animals covered: Canines
  • Turnaround time: 3 to 5 weeks
  • Feature: In-depth breed and ancestry information
  • Feature: Genetic health conditions addon available

Embark customer feedback is all positive for a reason. Even though they specialize in canine DNA testing and don’t provide any testing options for other animals, they are our number one pick.

In the world of pets, Embark became synonymous with canine DNA testing, which goes to show how popular and effective it really is. They offer two simple options, the Embark Breed Identification Kit for the price of $129, and the combined Breed+Health Kit for $199.

It is a swab kit that is easy to use and requires no blood samples. It also comes in very durable packaging, praised by many users.  The results will be available to you online in three to five weeks, and they give plenty of answers. Embark can recognize up to 200,000 canine genetic markers. The test will also find your pet’s DNA relatives and analyze the traits they might have.

It’s also important to note that the test explores more than 350 dog breeds, and the health kit can find over 190 genetic health variants that can show you which health issues they may have in the future. Also, if you happen to lose or damage your swab while using it, the company will send you a free replacement swab. Plus, they often offer deals and discount codes, which would surely be useful for those who find the price a bit too high.


  • + Incredibly detailed and accurate information
  • + Seamless use
  • + Excellent customer service
  • + Quality packaging with included postage


  • None


star 9.9

Best for Felines

  • Animals covered: Felines
  • Turnaround time: Four to six weeks
  • Feature: Unique wildcat index
  • Feature: Tests for health, breed, habits, and traits

Let’s start with what we liked about it the most. The tests are straightforward, and there are three options:

  • Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test
  • Basepaws Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Basepaws Dental Health Test

The health test upgrade costs $50, which is well worth the price considering the accuracy of Basepaws results. This test can detect more than 40 genetic markers showing 17 genetic diseases, such as PKD and HCM. We found the wildcat index particularly interesting because it can tell you your pets wild side. It compares your kitty’s DNA with the DNA of 37 common species.

The Whole Genome Sequencing option is a bit more expensive but much more detailed. It decodes 100% of your pets genome, providing you with 10,000 times more info than other DNA tests. Just keep in mind that, for this DNA test, it might take up to 9 weeks for you to get your results. The Basepaws DNA breed test focuses on the origin based on four breed regions, and over 17 breed types.

Lastly, their great dental test focuses on helping you determine their dental health, future issues it may have and provides you with recommendations for you and your vet. As pets age, their teeth deteriorate just like ours, and catching issues before they develop is key to proper dental health.

Also, you can save a lot by ordering multiple packs at the same time. These discounts are great for enthusiasts who keep more than one feline and want to learn all about them. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Basepaws offers free shipping within the continental United States.


  • + Specialized breed test
  • + Free continental US shipping
  • + Extensive health screening
  • + Bonus ancestry test


  • The results delivery isn’t that quick
  • Only for felines

Wisdom Panel

star 9.8

Most Affordable for Canines

  • Animals covered: Canines
  • Turnaround time: Two to three weeks
  • Feature: Premium option with health tests available
  • Feature: Over 350 breeds, varieties, and types

There is plenty of Wisdom Panel customer feedback, but we did our best to provide you with the most info about their products. Wisdom Panel offers only canine test kits, but they’re very detailed and accurate.

The Wisdom Panel Essential kit can find over 350 canine varieties, types, and breeds. It can identify the breed mix incredibly accurately, down to 1%. Additionally, it provides ancestry information, all the way to the great-grandparents of the pet.

If that wasn’t remarkable enough, the Essential Wisdom Panel kit also helps you understand your pets traits. This includes their eye color, coat, and even predict their perfect weight range. The base tests also screen for more than 25 medical complications, which is impressive.

However, if you add some extra funds and invest in the Wisdom Panel DNA Premium kit, you can access even better health tests. For example, it screens your pet for various genetic risks concerning mobility, vision, weight, and reaction to drugs. It suffices to say that it includes over 200 medical tests.


  • + The best DNA test kit in this price range
  • + Near-perfect accuracy
  • + Trusted company with millions of users
  • + Easy-to-understand results


  • Some users noted that the swabs were a bit rough
  • Only for Canines


star 10

Most Comprehensive Test

  • Animals covered: Canines
  • Turnaround time: 2–3 weeks
  • Feature: Precise breed and ancestry information
  • Feature: A variety of tests
  • 50% DISCOUNT!

38 Paw is a company that offers trait tests, disease tests, and the combined test, which we chose to review here. The results should be ready in two to three weeks. However, sometimes it can take longer, as there’s no clear limit to their sending time. The test results are delivered online, so you can easily access them and share them with your vet.

As for the details, 38 Paw test results will show you a three-generation ancestry report, which will test breed up to their great grandparents. So, even if your pet is a result of a few generations of mixed breeding, it will work on them.

This test goes through a database of over 350 breeds, so you can be sure that it will be as accurate as possible. It also tests your pet for over 200 diseases and traits that they might have inherited.  Besides all the testing, it also comes with a life plan, frequent notifications, and a nutritional plan.

It’s a bit pricey, but since it offers so much information, it pays off. Plus, the company offers a full money return if you’re not satisfied, and there is a bundle discount in case you want to test more than one pet. Finally, what we specifically appreciate is the fact that the company helps no-kill shelters. So by using their services, you’re helping save the lives of abandoned pets.


  • + Varied and complete analysis
  • + Interactive report you can update
  • + Helps no-kill shelters
  • + Nutritional and life plan


  • Might be pricey for some customers

Orivet DNA

star 9.7

Best DNA Health Screen

  • Animals covered: Canine, feline, and equine
  • Turnaround time: Two to three weeks
  • Feature: Included Life Plan with all tests
  • Feature: Separate breed and health tests for canines

Orivet offers the Feline DNA Health Screen and Life Plan, the Canine DNA Health Screen and Life Plan, and the Mixed-Breed Identification DNA Test and Life Plan.

There is only one option for cats, and it provides insight into more than 40 genetic diseases and traits. Knowing these health risks can be very beneficial for the prevention of various diseases and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pet. The Life Plan included in every kit is the same. It allows you to maximize the knowledge of your pets potential, how much weight it is going to gain, etc.

The Orivet Canine DNA Test options are slightly different simply because there are two tests. You can test your mixed pet to find out its breed percentages or get the health screen option. The breed test can scan for up to 220 typical breeds. It also predicts their weight and provides you with nutrition advice similar to HomeDNA Healthy Weight — a human-grade test used for diet improvements.

Furthermore, the health screen tests your pets DNA for more than 150 genetic diseases and traits. Note that Orivet and HomeDNA are the same company, which may sound confusing if you’ve just started your research. They also have great discounts if you buy multiple tests and plenty of new products being released on a regular basis. Plus, they’ve recently released a gut health test for horses.


  • + Comes with a Life Plan for your pet
  • + Excellent customer support
  • + Health risks by likelihood and severity
  • + Tests for various animals


  • Not available outside the US
  • Can be costly if you need both breed and health test


star 9.8

Biggest Test Variety

  • Animals covered: Canine, feline, equine, and bird
  • Turnaround time: 10 to 14 days
  • Feature: Specialized in-depth horse tests
  • Feature: Genetic profiling, parentage tests, sex tests, health tests

There’s a lot of ground we need to cover because EasyDNA offers all kinds of pet testing. Before we start here is a list of what they offer:

  • Feline Intolerance Test – Test your feline for sensitivity to food, the environment, and other artificial allergens. ($89)
  • DNA My Dog Breed Test – Learn about your pet’s genetic heritage. This is an ideal test for mixed-breed. ($79)
  • Canine Allergy Test – Find out if allergies affect your pet’s health and learn how to manage them easier. ($99)
  • Canine Genetic Age Test – Not only learn the breed or combination of such, but its genetic age and full breed composition. ($109)
  • Feline PKD Testing – This lifesaving test ensures that not only the cat is clear of polycystic kidney disease, but also any kittens it may have. ($60)
  • Premium Canine Testing Package – Get three tests in one package, allergies, genetic age determination, and breed identification. ($195)
  • Canine Parentage Test – Learn the true parentage of your pet, an ideal test for breeders and owners to learn the pedigree with a 99.99% accuracy. ($198)
  • Avian DNA Sexing – Determining the sex of a bird is very difficult, but with this test, you can know 100% whether it’s a male or female. ($80)
  • Canine Inherited Disease & Trait Test – This is the ideal test for determining whether it is a carrier of any genetic disease that could cause it suffering in the future or pass down to its offspring. ($75)
  • Horse Parentage Testing – Get a real guarantee of your horse’s pedigree by confirming which horse is the father of your foal, an essential part of every breeding program. ($198)
  • DNA Testing without The Mother – Establish the pedigree of your pet without a mother’s sample. ($306)
  • Equine DNA Profiling (Genotyping) – Get an indisputable ID of your horse with 100% accuracy. ($65)
  • Plus, they’ve got many new releases as well.

The many customer reviews that we’ve explored all share the same satisfaction not only with the results but the overall process of the DNA tests provided. They may not be the least expensive, but they have among the highest accuracy rate of all the companies we’ve reviewed.

Although catering to all pet owners, many of the tests are specifically for breeders that want to check for potential hereditary diseases and confirm pedigree. Still, any concerned pet owner would like to verify their animal will not suffer in the future or learn their heritage.

Regarding DNA testing for horses, the tests are done through plucked horse hairs because they are much more reliable than those you’d get from swabs. They are the preferred company for leading horse breeders and owners alike. Although they offer a wide range of DNA tests that are beyond satisfactory, we did find that of all the companies providing horse DNA tests, they are the leaders in the industry.

On the other hand, DNA profiling is useful because it gives your horse a unique ID, which can be helpful in many scenarios, e.g. if your horse gets lost, stolen, or you need to prove its identity for whatever reason. The horse genetic disease test is not yet available, but EasyDNA says that it’s coming soon, and we’ll be here to review it. The same goes for the feline genetics DNA test, which is expected to be added soon.

As for dogs, you can get a canine DNA parentage test, breed test, allergy test, genetic age test, inherited traits and disease test, and even tests without the mother’s sample. There’s also a bundle deal, called the premium testing package which includes the allergy, breed, and genetic age tests.

As these are among the most popular, we dug deep to learn what customers feedback, and it’s nothing but positive. Some tests do take quite some time to get results, but they are reliable and provide excellent customer service once you get the results and need help.

Overall, the variety of testing available is spectacular. Although some of the tests are expensive, they are trusted by leading breeders and pet owners alike due to their excellent customer service and unmatched accuracy.


  • + The widest product range
  • + Great value for money
  • + Premium horse DNA testing
  • + Results via email


  • Some tests take a long time for results

DNA My Dog

star 9.7

Most In-Depth Option

  • Animals covered: Canine
  • Turnaround time: Two weeks or less
  • Feature: Traits, genetic medical risks, and disease predispositions included

The DNA My Dog breed identification test offers fantastic value for a very affordable price. The ID test includes trait testing, genetic health testing, reveals predispositions for various diseases. Furthermore, it also shows you the percentages in your pet’s unique DNA, pointing out which breeds are the most dominant.

Each of their tests includes a free photo certificate of the breed, and the shipping is also free internationally. You can even test your pet for possible wolf and coyote DNA, get a separate health screening test, or the DNA and genetic screening bundle. Some DNA My Dog reviews also mention their specialized DNA breed test for deceased pets. Albeit not as popular of an option as the other tests, it is groundbreaking and remarkable. Instead of using a swab, you just need to send your pets toy, blanket, or another item with its saliva.


  • + Great variety of innovative tests
  • + Suitable for everyone’s budget
  • + Free shipping worldwide
  • + Results come with a certificate that you can frame


  • Some users had trouble understanding the results
  • Smaller breed database compared to other options

Etalon Diagnostics

star 9.6

Best Trait Test for Horses

  • Animals covered: Equine
  • Turnaround time: 5 to 8 business days
  • Feature: Specialized horse tests for health and traits

Even though Etalon Diagnostics is not at the top of our list, it is still well worth mentioning. This company specializes in equine DNA testing, and has two major price points, with some in-between options.

Etalon Diagnostics reviews are not many, but they are overwhelmingly positive. Many horse breeders have taken advantage of their DNA testing services and share their experience and positive results, revealing they genuinely are among the leaders in horse testing.

The two significant tests are the DNA Minipanel for a superb value of $99, and the DNA Minipanel Plus, which is $50 extra. DNA Minipanel includes over 55 genetic tests. It can detect health and disease risks, coat color patterns, and genetics-related traits and abilities. The Minipanel PLUS horse DNA test also checks for hoof wall separation disease, equine metabolic syndrome, RLN, and EMS-related laminitis.

Refunds on any of the Etalon kits are handled on a case by case basis. However, the tests are very accurate and, according to reviews, satisfactory, so you are very unlikely to need a refund.


  • + Simple and effective
  • + Reasonable price points
  • + Superb trait testing useful for breeders
  • + Speedy delivery
  • + Available across the globe


  • No breed testing
  • Only horses


The Methodology of Ranking the Top Products

At first glance, this article may seem to be mostly about canine DNA test reviews because they’re the most popular tests, but we’ve put in equal amounts of research and effort into all the reviews.

In that light, we’d like to explain how we rated all the companies and their tests. Here are the main factors that went into the methodology we used for breaking down which DNA testing kit is the best.


DNA test accuracy is critical, and it’s the most prominent determining factor for our ranking. For example, the DNAffirm breed DNA test, no matter how popular, is very inaccurate.

Therefore, it is not on our list.

Sometimes the popularity of a product doesn’t reflect its value. That’s not the case for our top pick, though, which is the most accurate commercial pet DNA test a pet owner could buy.


There is no free DNA test, unfortunately. However, the tests on our list are affordable for most people. We purposely chose tests like that, although there are options which are far more expensive.

Although they are very accurate, the tests that involve expert veterinarians are possibly the most expensive.

Note that the price varies depending not only on the company but also on what is included in the deal. Health screening, for instance, usually adds extra costs.


Some companies tend to lie about their products so they could sell more. All of the companies we chose for our pet DNA test reviews are very transparent and ethical.

Some of them even donate a part of their earnings to animal shelters and charities. That’s the type of company we can get behind and recommend to our readers.

User Reviews

Canine DNA test kit reviews and reviews for other animals by current customers were an essential part of our reviews. We took the user opinion into account when ranking these products because nobody can judge them better than those who used them.

Test Results Delivery Time

You can get a DNA test from Walmart, Amazon, or directly from the seller’s online store, though it’s always best to go straight to the source.

In either case, you’ll have to wait for the lab results. The waiting time is approximately between two weeks in the best-case scenario and seven or eight weeks in the worst.

Our pet DNA test reviews showed you some quick delivery tests, which are also very accurate. If speed is your primary concern, consult the reviews for the fastest results.

Choosing the Best Pet DNA Test in 2022
Our Buyer’s Guide

Pet DNA testing is fantastic, and it’s no wonder that such tests are rapidly gaining popularity. There are many benefits the tests can provide because they can show you some vital information you wouldn’t find out otherwise.

Here’s all that you need to know if you are wondering whether a DNA test is worth it. The info we’re about to give you applies to DNA tests for all pets, but as you’ve probably noticed, the canine ones are the most popular by far.

What is a Pet DNA test?

Pet DNA tests have similarities with human DNA tests. In short, they help resolve any questions related to your pet’s genetics. Another similarity pets have with humans is that they can also get insurance.

If you’re wondering about your pet’s ancestry, traits, medical risks, pedigree, and more, these pet DNA test kits can help you out. Some people seek these results out of curiosity, but there’s much more to gain.

With all the mentioned knowledge, you can adjust your pet’s diet, improve its quality of life, or even prevent some health issues. You can also learn how much your pet will grow until it matures.

What Are Different Types of DNA Tests for Pets?

When discussing different pet DNA testing options, you’ve probably noticed that there are tests for purebred pets, mixed breeds, health issues, physical and character traits, and determining the sex.

There is also the whole genome sequencing option that tests pretty much everything. Depending on what you need, you can find different combinations of tests for different types of pets.

There are also two main types of samples — blood samples and cheek swabs. You may think that a canine DNA blood test would work better than a cheek swab, but this is a myth. Truthfully, both test types are equally accurate.

The differences are in processing and collection. Cheek swabs are preferable because they require no hassle. On the other hand, blood samples usually need vets’ assistance, which can be stressful for many animals.

That being said, you’ve probably noticed that, for horses, plucked hairs work best. That is because horses graze all the time, and their cheek swabs are more likely to be contaminated.

How Do They Work?

Let’s take a feline DNA test as an example. First, the DNA is collected from your pet with a blood sample or a swab. Then, it is compared with the DNA markers in the company’s database that does the testing.

If their database is vast, you will get precise results. So, if you’ve ever wondered — are pet DNA tests accurate? — there’s your answer. It depends on the company’s available data. If there’s a lot of data, you can get even some niche details about your pet.

Are They Safe?

Yes, using any of the mentioned tests, from the equine DNA test to the bird sexing test, they are all very safe and will not hurt your pet in any way.

However, for some tests, like those that require blood samples, you might prefer to ask your vet for assistance. Just make sure to test your pet at the recommended age, e.g., for puppies, when they are more than four weeks old.

Why Do People Test the DNA of Their Pets?

There are many different reasons to test the DNA of your pet. You can read about the many benefits of DNA testing for animals in the next section, but for now, we’ll focus on the reasons behind testing different pets.

Why use a feline breed DNA test

This type of test can immensely help breeders who are looking for the best breeding matches. It can help with diversification and make for some unusual pairings, but above all, these tests help reduce the pet’s health risks as you can be prepared for the future.

Why use a canine DNA kit

DNA kits for pets are great for determining the breed or the breed mix, which can also serve for pairing purebred animals. However, the best pet DNA kits also give vital information about health risks, ancestry, parentage, etc. Some people even consider these tests to be a part of basic dog care, such as grooming, feeding, and vet visits.

Why use a bird DNA testing kit

A bird DNA test is different from other tests mentioned here. They are mainly used to determine the sex of the bird. That’s why these kits are commonly called sexing tests. Again, this is important for breeding purposes, as many birds don’t have visual gender markers.

Why use a horse breed DNA test

Horse DNA testing for the breed is self-explanatory, but some advanced tests can do much more than determining the exact horse breed. They can confirm the parentage, discover ancestry, serve for profiling, make unique horse IDs, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Pet DNA Kits?

Some pet owners are merely curious and want to learn everything about their furry or feathery family members. However, DNA testing does much more than just satisfying that curiosity. Here are some of the main benefits of pet DNA testing:

It informs you about your pet’s traits and personality.

Some owners would consider this one of the less important benefits, as they already know how their pet looks and behaves, but it’s definitely an interesting one. Choosing a quality pet DNA test is essential because of the details it provides. With this knowledge, you can improve and personalize your pet’s training program, which is suitable for pets that are active in different competitions, etc.

These tests can also help you see if your pet might be missing something in their routine.

For instance, you may think that your pet is an active type because it looks like a greyhound mix, but many people don’t know that greyhounds are actually couch potatoes, and these tests could help you learn what your pup likes.

It provides insight into your pet’s health risks.

Horse DNA testing, as an example, is essential because it provides the owners with the much-needed knowledge of the possible health conditions that may affect your pet in the future.

The same goes for other animals.

Knowing the genetic makeup of your pet doesn’t only show it’s pedigree but also which health conditions it may be susceptible to.

Perhaps you won’t be able to prevent some of these conditions, but at least you’ll be aware of them and better prepared to handle them.

It aids you in improving your pet’s condition and general health.

This benefit is connected to the previous one. Opting for a pet DNA test kit, for example, and learning everything you can about your pet, can help you balance their diet and prepare your pet for the future.

It’s surprising how much proper nutrition can change your pet’s life if you have the right information.

You could even prevent arthritis, hip dysplasia, and worse conditions with a little hindsight from a canine DNA test kit.

As mentioned, some conditions might still develop, but again, knowing them and improving your pets health can make those conditions milder when they appear.

Overall, these kits can help you learn what’s best for your pet. You can drastically improve your pet’s quality of life, which is priceless to any animal lover.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Pet DNA Test Kit

If you’ve done some research on DNA test kits for pets, you have probably encountered numerous brands and companies. All of them claim that their products are the best, but which ones should you choose?

Which pet DNA test is the most accurate?

Accuracy should be your number one priority. If a test isn’t accurate, what’s the point of taking it? Note that almost no commercial tests on the market are entirely correct. They usually mention their accuracy straight up.

If they say their accuracy of pet DNA tests is between 95% and 99%, then they are golden. It’s pretty much the most you can get for your buck. Also, make sure the company has a sizable database, as we discussed previously.

Are pet DNA kits reliable?

The same applies to other pet kits as well. You need a trustworthy, legitimate package if you are already investing in this type of testing. Mind you, these tests are worthy of their price, but they aren’t exactly cheap, so you want to get the most value for your money.

It is challenging to research a company yourself, which is why we covered them in great detail in our pet DNA test reviews. We recommend trustworthy companies based on thorough research, user satisfaction, and other reputable sources of information.

What is the best pet DNA test kit?

Once again, if you want your investment to be worth the money, you’ll want the tests that answer your question in as much detail as possible.

Of course, some may say that learning more than what interests you is the measurement of value, but you’re not going to opt for a company specializing in health tests if you want to learn more about your pet’s ancestry.

In short, the best pet DNA test kit for you is the one that provides you with the info you need.

Do you need the results ASAP?

If you need the results fast, some companies will provide them more quickly than others. However, in most cases, you need to wait for at least two weeks for the test results to become available online, so it’s best to go with a trustworthy brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a DNA test tell a pet’s age?

Sadly, the answer is no, and this answer comes directly from Embark. They say that currently, there are no DNA tests available for commercial use that allow this type of precision in deciphering the age of pets.

However, pet DNA tests can give you insight into your pet’s genetic age. Furthermore, these tests determine the telomeres, which are protective caps of chromosomes that shorten with age.

In simple terms, the tests can predict the longevity and the overall health of your pet.

How much is a pet DNA kit?

Pet DNA kits are available for $60, but those are the cheapest ones. A more realistic price is closer to $100, but it goes even higher, up to $200.

You have to keep in mind that the quality of the tests determines the pet DNA test cost. It also depends on what kind of test you’re interested in, as those who offer more details usually cost more as well.

Which pet DNA test is the most accurate?

As we’ve already mentioned, accuracy is essential, and if you see that the company guarantees that their DNA tests are 95-99% accurate, they are a safe choice.

Of course, you should always do your research — see whether the company tests for what you need, and read the reviews, but the ones from our list are a good starting point.

What does DNA testing tell you?

Pet DNA testing can tell you a lot of things. For starters, it can determine the breed of your pet, or its mixture, if it is not purebred. Then, testing can show you its ancestry and who its parents are.

Next, from your DNA test results, you can see potential allergies and medical risks your pet may have. Some tests can also show some recessive genes and traits that can carry on from your pet to its offspring.

How can I tell if my pet is purebred?

There are three ways of telling if your pet is purebred.

The first one is a visual assessment from an expert, but this is the most unreliable way. Second, there are, of course, “the papers” or DNA ID. You should ask for these papers if you’re buying a pet, but they aren’t always legitimate.

Using a purebred DNA test kit is the only way you can be sure about your pet’s pedigree. As already mentioned, these tests can show a pets ancestry, the parents, etc.

In other words, unless you’ve bought your pet from reputable and transparent breeders, you can’t be 100% sure that you have a purebred pet without a DNA test.

How long do pet DNA tests take?

Every company that does pet DNA tests has its policy, and some results take longer than others. Usually, they make you wait for about two to three weeks.

The longest they can take is four weeks, but sometimes, the results may reach you in just a week.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best pet DNA test isn’t easy, because you want the best for your pet. Also, you probably want to get the best value for your money. Even if you opt for more affordable tests, the cost can stack up if you have many pets.

We hope that our list will help you find the perfect options for you. A lot of effort and time was put into the research, but we are happy to help.

After all, searching for the best pet DNA test on Reddit or other forums can be a drag, and the information you find there isn’t as comprehensive, so we did our best to gather every piece of information you need.

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